Russian Brides: Who Are They, How To Find, Rules, Tips, Reviews

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Russian Brides
   In recent years, thousands of young Russian and Ukrainian women have come to the USA and European countries by means of marriage. But who are these women, really? Why are they prepared to leave everything behind, to go to an unknown country and live with an unknown man? Can a Russian bride really be a good solution for a Western man? Sowhat makes these women so special?
   In the 90s Russia became popular not only as a new "unexplored" travel destination, but also as a place to find a "perfect" wife. It's not a secret that  some male travelers who come to Russia are also interested in finding a woman, or that a lot of Russian women are not against marrying an interesting foreign man.
   There are thousands of dating services featuring young, beautiful Russian women who are looking for Western husbands. There are so many women, that it might seem all of the young females in Russia have decided to leave their country. This is only an illusion, though. Russia and Ukraine are very big countries with huge populations, and women who are searching for husbands abroad represent less than 0.01% of all single Russian women.
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   The girls who place their ads with dating services, hoping to find a husband in the USA or Europe, have various reasons to do so. The most common reason is that they have heard from friends and the media that Western men treat women better than Russian men do. They have heard that drinking isnt such a problem in these Western countries as it is in Russia, and that men actually care for their families. Being intelligent and educated, Russian women are still feminine, warm and gentle. Competing with men is the last thing they seek in their family lives. The Russian ideal of a man is the man with whom she feels like she is "behind the stone wall", the leader, the provider and the protector. Believe it or not, the reason for all these beautiful Russian women seeking their destiny over the Internet is that they cannot find their ideal man in Russia. It is that simple. But is it really so?             
   Russian women are considered to be very attractive, and foreign men have an image (among many Russian women) of being intelligent, wealthy, and interesting partners.  It can be quite a good thing in itself: there are many examples of people who found each other and lived happily after... However, a huge demand from both sides gave a rise to a new "Russian brides" industry that is gaining popularity, and a lot of individuals found many dishonest ways of making money out of bringing people together. So, if you want to find a partner abroad, you should be really aware: there are a lot of opportunities, but also there's a lot of scam. The most important anti-scam advice: NEVER send money to people you havent met in person. If she needs money for emails, use email-forwarding services offered by a reliable agency. If you do not send money, you will never be scammed.
   What makes Western men  look for a Russian bride? At first glance, it might seem very strange that so many men are prepared to spend thousands, to bring a foreign wife to their country and struggle with all the differences of language and culture. Wouldnt it be easier to find a decent wife at home? Western men have many reasons  to look for Russian wives:
- Some are fascinated by Russian culture and want a partner who would not only share this fascination, but actually be a part of this culture.
- Some are middle-aged men, who were unhappy in a previous relationship but are prepared to try again, with a lady who is still young enough to have children. As you know, in Western culture marriages with age differences of 5 years, or more, are not common, so if a man were 45-50, he would be unlikely to find a partner under 40 years of age, in his own country.
- And some are men who, for one reason or another, are dissatisfied with the women in their own country. Russian women are less materialistic, more traditional and feminine than their Western sisters, and this type of a lady appeals to many men. Though it is also a point to argue, taking into account the experience of the previous years.
- It should be pointed out that Russian women pay a lot of attention to their apperiance inspite of their money condition. They may also have unsatisfectory living standards but they always try to look attractive. They never forget that they are women. They will never wear special clothers for work in everyday life.
-  Russian women are considered to be the best mothers. They are worthy of the title. Is there a country where mothers help their children morally and financially throughput their life? Is there a country which saw such self-sacrificed mothers? And, after all, is there a country where mothers watch over and control their children so meticulously? The whole Russian culture teaches that a woman finds her highest fulfillment and joy in being a wife and mother. They learn these skills from their mothers at a young age.
-  Most women in the Former Soviet Union have a college degree or are working on one. Many have knowledge (at least to a degree) of a 2nd or 3rd language. These ladies are very well educated. 
      So, they are beautiful, smart, responsible, intelligent, caring and loving - they have all these features. How can one find a way to say about the Russian soul: I almost think it is better not to even try. It is very difficult for a foreigner who has not experienced Russians in Russia to understand. You almost have to be there; maybe you do have to be there.
   There are thousands of Russian-Western couples that are very happy together . There are unhappy ones as well, though, and the usual causes are: a lady cant adjust to a life in a new country, both partners had unrealistic expectations before marriage or they cant work through their cultural differences, so mutual understanding is never achieved. If you are looking for a Russian lady it is very important to collect as much information as possible about her and her culture.
   WHO ARE THE "RUSSIAN BRIDES"?   Generally, the women who decide to find a foreign husband can be very different and can have completely different motivations. Some women are sincerely looking for a partner to create a family together, some women just want to have fun, others want to make money.
   HOW TO FIND A BRIDE?  In general, a man can either use one of many marriage agencies' services or start looking for a future wife on his own. There are a lot of different agencies and it's hard to recommend something. In our opinion, the following agencies and personal online services, containing Russian women's profiles in their databases could be pointed out:

- Elena's Models - Russian girls of model quality - This site has a good search engine that allows you not only to select the girls that meet your criteria, but also include your own bio data, so you can view only the profiles of compatible ladies whose requirements you meet.
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- A pretty woman - marriage minded models - a US based small dating agency, features profiles on Russian women only. It was one of the first companies for Russian brides, started in 1992. The owner of the company happily married to a Russian woman. Success of A Pretty Woman is reflected in every thankful letter, hundreds of them have been receiving through years and displayed on our "Letters" page.
Russian Brides
- A Foreign Affair - Best way to get over her. Meet young beautiful educated women. It was founded in 1995. And It was one of the first International Introduction agencies to go on-line and is now the largest full service International Introduction service in the world. They have been featured in such publications as TIME Magazine, The Washington Post, and the New York Times, just to name a few.
- - is the fastest, easiest and most reliable way of making contact with ladies throughout the former USSR. We have the largest database of ladies - more than 8000 active profiles at this very moment!
- The Secret Lives of Happy Couples - A new approach from - An exclusive group of people looking for an enduring relationship. A little more private. A little more personal. Let them do the searching for you...Based on our deep experience in building relationships, Chemistry is designed specifically for single adults who are actively seeking meaningful, long-term connections. In terms of site features and functionality, you'll notice a few key differences.

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   Of course you should take it as some information for consideration only. The general rules are the following.
Choose an agency that is recommended by many sources, and ask about it in the e-group you joined. If the agency is bad, people will tell you. If no one knows this agency, you will be better off staying away from them. Please remember that there are many small local agencies in Russia with the same or similar names; so always include particulars (website address, owners name etc) when ask questions about agencies. As a rule, a good agency will be able to accept payments by credit card, provide references, and have their business address and phone number listed on the website.
   If you live in a small town, stay away from girls from capitals (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev, Odessa, Minsk ): women from those cities will struggle to adapt to a life in a small town.  By the way  Russia is not Moscow or St Petersburg only. Russia now is first of all a province. Especially there you can meet "a mysterious Russia soul". And the most beautiful women live in the province.
    You will need a visa to visit Russia, Ukraine and Belarus . If you stay in a hotel, they will provide you with an invitation. If you stay at the womans home, she must send you a personal invitation. If you travel through Russia, Ukraine or Belarus transit, you will need a transit visa. Both tourist and transit visas should be obtained at the Russian (Ukrainian, Belarussian) Consulate in your home country and are not issued on arrival.  If you think youve met the right woman, and want to marry her, the right way depends on the country. Most countries have special visas: fiancee or spouse visas. Those visas are specially designed to allow foreign nationals to marry a citizen. For USA it will be fiancee (K-1) visa that you should apply for: it is a special non-immigrant visa given to people that intend to marry.
   To receive a fiancee visa you must prove that you have met in person before (4-10 romantic photos together, air tickets, hotel bills, tickets to concerts and other activities you attended together, etc), and that you have an established relationship (include copies of emails, envelopes/letters, postcards, phone bills, etc). You both should be legally free to marry (not married at the moment), and your fiancee should not have a criminal record or dangerous disease (HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, syphilis etc). You need to have a yearly income of more than 125% of the current poverty level (more than $13,500). Only USA citizens can apply for a fiancee visa; permanent residents are not eligible for this visa and should marry outside the country. You must be married within 3 months from the arrival of your fiancee on the fiancee visa, or she will have to go back. The fiancee visa cannot be extended; in case you did not marry she will have to re-apply for another visa to enter the USA for the second time.
   You can also decide to marry in Russia, and then apply for a spouse visa for your wife. In the case of Russian marriage, you will need to produce a legal document that you are free to marry, certified document of your legal address, birth certificate, divorce certificate (or death certificate) if you were married before, and your passport. All documents, except for the passport, should be legalized, notarized, and have a copy translated to Russian by a certified translator.

    When she arrives, dont be surprised if she is not very affectionate and does not seem very happy. Please understand she had to leave her country, family and friends behind, and this makes her feel sad. She is unsure if everything will work out for you and her. The process of receiving the visa can also be very stressful and frustrating, and she may simply be tired. Let her rest and relax, and in a couple of weeks she will be a different person. Be kind and patient with her. It is not your purpose to change who she is. You should love who she is very much. The goal instead is to reach a mutual understanding about the cultural differences. And while you do not want to change who she is, or change her soul and personality created by the influence of her culture, you stand willing and able to adapt yourself to her needs and wants, and to help her understand  your culture.

   Here are some wonderful reviews of those people who had an experience of communication and marriage with Russian ladies. We thought that it would be interesting for you to read those sincere opinions and wishes. May be here you will find the answer to the question which will help you to make the right decision. 

   "My advice is that there's no need to use any of these artificial dating agencies to meet women, just go there, and travel and enjoy the culture, I made many good friends and men and women and saw some great history, and eventually you will meet the right person, naturally, not artificially, as it should be. This advice is for men and women, because Russian men are not the stereotyped slobs or slackers as maybe even many Russian women say, I have great Russian male friends too, they are educated and intelligent and keen to meet people from different cultures. i am tired of this racist portrayal of russian men as alcoholics, bums etc. I am not russian by the way, but I am speaking from personal experience."

   "Hi, I just wanted to say that I would never tell a girl that I was rich in the first place. I would just tell her that I am a person of average wealth, just like her. Also, I would not use an internet site to find a girl (Russian or otherwise), the best thing to do is to go to the country and if you see a nice girl, just make conversation with her in the normal way, treat her nicely, make her feel really special and theres a good chance that after a while, she will like you a lot. However, if you are seriously looking for marriage then an agency is not a bad idea. I am not rich but even if I was I would never tell anyone about it, remember, you cannot trust anyone in this world other than yourself and almighty God!" online dating
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    "I really want to go to Russia soon, not because I want a Russian woman (although I wouldn't mind lol) but because I have a great admiration for Russia and the Russian people, I admire their strength and their great history, the way that they always survive no matter what the problems and hardships, they always find a way to victory. I can't understand why any one would be a "Russophobiac", If I was Russian I would be very proud! Anyway, if I wanted to get married, then I would only go for the "family" type, even if she was "blonde", I would make sure that she was a good person from her heart... Too many Westerners make mistakes and end up marrying a girl who is just a "Gold Digger" and wants to rip you off, which is why it is very important that you really get to the know the girl first! However, it is quite true that Russian women in general are honest, kind, caring, and have good hearts, I know this because my one of my friends is married to a wonderful Russian girl, she is the nicest person I have ever met...
   Anyway, I could talk about Russia forever coz I love it so much but I have to go, all I say is that please take care and be careful, a TRUE woman (Not just in Russia but from anywhere in the world) does not really need money or material things to make her happy, she just needs love! This doesn't mean that you are a slave for her and do everything to make her happy, it just means that you are there for her when she really needs you and that she can always rely on you to be there for her, in her good times and her bad times, just stand by her and always be her BEST FRIEND! This is the key! Remember, you can't BUY love, you can only EARN it, love is the greatest gift that a woman can give you, so please treat this gift with great care and respect, and I GUARANTEE that you will always be truly HAPPY! Thanks..."

    "I can happily report that after more than 5 great years of marriage to a very beautiful girl I met online from Russia, and two fantastic bilingual children, I would heartily recommend such websites."

   "How did you meet your wife? How did you know she was really interested in you? I am curious to know how can one really date and develop a relationship when the two people live in different countries."

" ...We met through an online dating site. We then emailed each other for two months daily, began phoning each other, then finally I decided it was time to see if the beautiful girl in the photos was really that good. As the catchphrase "If it seems too good to be true, then it usually is.." says, I basically had to meet up with my online date to see if there really was a future in all of it. So, I asked if I could come to St Petersburg to see her from the UK. Two months later I was there for a week. My then girlfriend took a week off from her work, met me off the plane, and took me to the apartment she had arranged for me for the week. It's fair to say that I already knew her well, even though we had only just met, as we had discussed everything under the sun before I even got there. By the end of the week, we had arranged that we would meet again on my territory, in Scotland about eight weeks later. This was for two weeks. I admit it's all a bit surreal, carrying on a relationship with someone so far away, but it did develop, fairly quickly, to the point that we decided that the next visit would again be to Scotland, and that marriage would follow as soon as was possible.
    As I said, that was over five years ago now, and it ws the best thing I ever did, without doubt. We have two wonderful children now, and go back to visit my wife's family at least once a year, sometimes more than that. For next year we have already started planning to drive from Scotland to St Petersburg and back, an adventure both of us are looking forward to very much. My wife gave up a well paid, by Russian standards, job to come here. We are similar ages, ( in our 30's) and therefore have very similar interests and views on life. That is important in any marriage, but probably more so in one that started out in such a way I would say... You have to follow your heart sometimes though."

  ... I am in love with a Russian woman, and I want her to stay a Russian woman. It is not your purpose to change who she is. You should love who she is very much. The goal instead is to reach a mutual understanding about the cultural differences. And while you do not want to change who she is, or change her soul and personality created by the influence of her culture, you stand willing and able to adapt yourself to her needs and wants, and to help her understand  your culture. 
   So who are they,  those Russian women? Read the great Russia literature to understand it. Read Turgenev, Chekhov, Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Bunin. Of course a lot of things have changed in Russia since then. O tempora o mores! :-) And again,  Russia is not Moscow or St Petersburg only. Russia now is first of all a province. Especially there you can meet "a mysterious Russian soul". And the most beautiful women live in the province. For example in Yoshkar-Ola. Come and see it yourself.

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